HemaCare Corporation

HemaCare BioResearch Products and Services provides healthy and disease-state human-derived primary blood cells and tissues isolated from peripheral blood, as well as mobilized peripheral blood, bone marrow, and cord blood for advanced biomedical research. We specialize in custom cell collections, isolations, and testing of primary cells for research use. HemaCare supports industry and academic organizations with apheresis collection services for preclinical research, clinical trials from Phase I through Phase III, and clinical cell therapy applications.

HemaCare also supports cell therapy clinical trials and commercialization with apheresis collections, and provides a wide range of consulting services in SOP development, personnel training, and quality and regulatory compliance. HemaCare’s responsive, cost-effective, GMP-compliant apheresis collection services are the result of greater than 38 years of experience in apheresis collection, quality systems, fully integrated support infrastructure, and FDA-registered, AABB-accredited collection center. HemaCare’s extensive registry of well-characterized repeat donors, and controlled procedures ensure a readily available inventory of high-quality, consistent primary human cells and biological products for advanced biomedical research.